Citi Financial Skills Building for a Secure Financial Future

Citibank / Citi Foundation October (2016-Present)

Continuing their longstanding relationship, Kenan and Citi Foundation partnered to launch the Community Financial Skills Building for a Secure Financial Future program in October 2016, a yearlong initiative to strengthen community savings groups as a means to erase household debt.

To achieve their goal, Kenan and Citi will increase the financial knowledge of community members in order to develop sound saving habits that result in long-term financial security. The project has partnered with the Community Organizations Development Institute (CODI), a public entity that supports low-income communities, to provide financial literacy training to 20 community groups. Using its innovative, activity-based curriculum, Kenan expects to reach 500 community members. Furthermore, the project will train five CODI staff and 100 community leaders to deliver financial counselling and manage community funds, leading to local ownership over the activities beyond the life of the project.

By strengthening community groups, the project will create a sustainable infrastructure for individuals to receive high-quality financial support.


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