How a Skeptical Teacher Became a Believer in Student-centered Learning

This Teacher was Reluctant to Adopt High-impact, STEM Practices. But Kenan’s Professional Development Program Changed Her Mind.

Teaching physics is hard enough, but when the STEM wave swept through Bangkok’s Lad Pla Kao School two years ago, Mrs. Wilailuck Pinkaew, a dedicated teacher, felt utterly hopeless. Without notice, she

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Master teachers train a new generation of teachers

Experts on the craft of teaching, Master Trainers are critical to the development of teachers in Thailand and the project’s success. Three Deputy Deans from the Faculty of Industrial Education and Technology at KMUTT and current Master Trainers recently detailed teachers’ role in modern education.

Asst. Prof. Anusit Anmanatarkul

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Questions Create Better Learners

The Mr. Nipol Srinaruemol, a former high school science teacher and current mentor for teachers, is a well-known advocate for project-based learning (PBL) in Thai schools. He believes that PBL is the best way to build genuine interest in science and inquisitive thinking among students. For Mr. Nipol, PBL

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