NextGen Aging Pandemic Response

Moving from the Lockdown to the New Normal

Like many countries, Thailand went through a three-month lockdown (stay-at-home) period to prevent the spread of Covid-19. During the lockdown, people were forced to isolate with limited opportunities to participate in outdoor activities and socialize. The sharp dip in the economy

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5 Myths about COVID-19

MYTH: COVID-19 cannot be transmitted in hot and humid climates
-You may think that because Thailand has a warm, tropical climate that the virus cannot spread here; however, this is certainly not the case. There have already been more than 2,000 documented cases in tropical climates like Indonesia, Malaysia, Indonesia,

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Developing the Healthcare Professionals of Tomorrow

Nations around the world have been caught off guard by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which is sending economies into tailspins and disrupting societies as we speak. This fast-moving virus is striking country after country. Though pathologists, epidemiologists, and other medical professionals are working hard to keep us safe, many lives […]

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How a Doctor Found Hope for a Better Future

Learning Exchanges Improves Rehabilitation Healthcare in Vietnam
Dr. Nguyen Van Chi strolls eagerly through the halls of Sirindhorn National Medical Rehabilitation Institute (SNMRI), passing by a department that specializes in speech therapy, another department that focuses on prosthetic technology, and still another that has an entire team of doctors and

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How One Unsung Hero is Transforming the Lives of the Elderly

Go to just about any secondary city, small town, or rural village in Thailand and you’ll notice something peculiar: nearly an entire generation is absent. You’ll see plenty of elderly people chatting outside their homes and young children playing in the schoolyard, but working aged adults are scarce. With few

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How One Teacher Became a Steward of Health and Happiness

Supporting Thailand’s Hyper Aging Society

As she made her daily rounds across the school grounds a few years ago, Ms. Anong became acutely aware of an alarming trend – Thai children cannot get enough sweets. While this may seem harmless at first glance, Ms. Anong believes that childhood obesity

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How Aging Can Spark Innovation-Driven Growth in Thailand

Thailand is an aging society and transitioning to a super aged society, a fact we all know well. We often view the aging trend as a bogeyman that will come in the middle of the night to snatch our economic growth and destroy the viability of our social safety nets.

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NextGen Aging Opening Speech By Dr. Porametee Vimolsiri, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS)

Her Excellency คุณหญิงชฎา วัฒนศิริธรรม, Chairperson, Kenan Foundation Asia,
Executive Committee, Kenan Foundation Asia,
Distinguished Speakers and Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, it is my great pleasure and honor to deliver my opening speech at this important gathering today.

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