Consultant – Program Report on USAID-funded


Consultant – Program Report on USAID-funded.

Since 2018, Kenan Foundation Asia has been implementing the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded activity in the Deep South of Thailand entitled, “Chumchon Harapan”(CCH). The objective of Chumchon Harapan is to improve community cohesion among Thailand’s Deep South community members. The Activity does this by building the capacity of key stakeholders, increasing the capacity of youth as a connector, and sustaining the people-to-people linkages. The Activity collaborates with schools, universities, and local communities to promote cross-cultural spaces through youth leadership training, and youth-led-community activities that enable people from different backgrounds to interact constructively. Moreover, the activity consists primarily of workshops, fostering networks, and strengthening education systems. The Activity has two phases, an initial phase from August 2018 to April 2021, and a second phase from May 2021 to August 2024.

Objective of the assignment

USAID and Kenan Foundation are seeking a consultant to produce a Program Report detailing the activities, successes and lessons learned from the Chumchon Harapan project to date being

implemented in the Deep South of Thailand. The Program Report should focus on the activities covering 2018 to present.

The Program Report will synthesize activities, results and outcomes covering the initial phase of the project (2018-2021) and a portion of phase 2 (2021-2023) and will analyze and collate monitoring and evaluation data in preparation for the End of Project Evaluation, which will be conducted in early 2024.

The final deliverable should be a concise document that incorporates project results (quantitative and qualitative), graphics and photos highlighting success stories, and recommendations for future programs. The Program Report should not exceed 20 pages, not including annexes. The report outline should include:

  • Executive Summary (1 Page)
  • Background on the Project and its objectives (1 Page)
  • Summary of activities to date, including changes and challenges to the original workplan (3 pages)
  • Summary of results to date, analyzing factors contributing to success or obstacles. This should include analysis of the M&E Framework and quantitative indicators. (4 pages)
  • Summary of lessons learned, drawn from the various annual reports and selected key informant interviews (1 page)
  • Recommendations for the End of Project Evaluation, including recommendations on the potential structure, methodology and indicator measurement (1 page)
  • Recommendations for improving results and implementation: how should the project adapt to lessons learned or the shifting context? (1 page)
  • The report should also incorporate 3 success stories from beneficiaries, including 1 community leader, 1 youth, and 1 university teacher. These success stories can be pulled from existing reports (3 pages)
  • Annexes should present the references, reports, and data in an organized manner to support the End of Project Evaluation


The Consultant is expected to conduct a thorough desk review of all existing program documents (annual and quarterly reports, success stories, M&E tools, indicators, mid-term evaluation) to inform the Program Report. The Consultant will also conduct 3-5 key informant interviews with stakeholders and/or Project Staff to inform the lessons learned and recommendations for future programs. The Consultant synthesize information to present a concise and well-organized overview of the project.


The final deliverable should be approved by August 31. The assignment is expected to require 12 days of work from July to August 2023. The assignment can be completed remotely.


Deliverable Workdays
Project kick off call: Consultant leads kick off call to review timeline, methodology, workplan and documents needed 0.25 day
Detailed outline of report developed and approved 0.25 day
Desk review of existing documents 4 days
Conduct key informant interviews 1 day
Write first draft 3 days
Finalize report based on comments from Kenan and USAID 3 days
Total 12 days

If necessary, Kenan retains the option to request the Consultant to submit a 2nd draft before the final version is approved without adjusting the contract.

Required Skills

  • Previous experience producing program reports or other formal or public written documents
  • Strong English writing skills
  • Ability to synthesize large amounts of information
  • Previous experience conducting research is an asset
  • Ability to speak Thai for key informant interviews
  • Experience in monitoring and evaluation would be an asset

To Apply

Please send your CV, daily rate, and a writing sample to  Please submit your application by July 24th. Applicants are encouraged to submit as soon as possible as candidates will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


Max. file size: 4 MB


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