Kenan Foundation Asia plays an important role in supporting economic growth, creating employment opportunities, increasing economic cooperation, supporting business enablers, and the continued integration of the Southeast Asia economic community. We partner with policy makers and business leaders to build a strong and sustainable enabling environment to enhance economic growth. Our programming and advisory expertise supports private sector development, from capacity building for micro entrepreneurship and SMEs to policy support for governments and regional political bodies.

Client Spotlight

Mr. Darren Buckley

Country Head and Citi Country Officer Citibank, N.A.

Literacy Improvement for Better Finance in Thailand (LIFT)

Financial literacy skills are a key means of promoting financial health. This is why Citi Foundation, in partnership with Kenan Foundation Asia, has initiated a special project: ‘Literacy Improvement for Better Finance in Thailand,’ or LIFT, designed to improve financial literacy in the community, particularly amongst farmers, students, and low-skilled workers.

Recent Projects

Kenan STEM Camps

Kenan is working to reform education in Thailand to lay the foundations for a 21st century workforce…

Step Inside a 21st Century Innovation Camp

Innovation Camps take Thai kids from 4th – 9th grade on a journey into the future, where they’ll program robots, build solar cars, design their dream city, and more. Each activity takes kids on a 21st-century learning adventure and encouraging them to dream big.