Ms. Nisagon Khongphaitoon: IBM

Jan 26,2023

Nisagon Khongphaitoon

Since February 2015, Dear has served as the Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs Professional at IBM Thailand, and is responsible for ensuring IBM’s values and business needs are met by developing partnerships that leverage IBM’s technology and expertise to solve community problems and improve lives.

Working with her colleagues in the region and at corporate headquarters, a decision was reached to bring into Thailand an important platform, TeacherTry Science (TTS), that may be able to help teachers better deliver Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) lessons, through the use of project-based learning (PBL). Through her stakeholder meetings and IBM’s partnership with the Ministry of Education, Dear has learned that teachers are being held back by a lack of STEM subject matter knowledge and the use of outdated classroom pedagogies, such as rote learning. Through these discussions, she was also referred to Kenan Foundation Asia, as a potential partner who had the influence, reputation, and expertise to design and deliver a TTS rollout to the education system in Thailand.

Working with Kenan’s education experts, Dear and the team designed a one year, later expanded to two years, a project that localized the TTS resources into the Thai language and mapped it to the Thai curriculum. Critically, the project built teacher capacity in delivering TTS modules using project-based learning, which also helps build a range of 21st century skills such as communication, collaboration, and adaptability, and serves to inspire students to take up STEM careers.

To date, the Thai TTS project has successfully built the capacity of over 700 teachers in, supported 210 students to attend PBL STEM camps, and 12 IBM volunteers have worked directly with students to develop projects using the PBL pedagogy. The use of IBM volunteers on projects is of particular importance to IBM, as IBM wants to build leaders, and volunteering helps them to understand the business and social challenges they need to address locally and globally. IBM also uses these opportunities to develop important market insights to help develop better tools to solve customer challenges and improve customer solutions, giving IBM an important edge against competitors. It’s critical that any partner know how significant these needs are to IBM, and Kenan’s team has “demonstrated time and again that they understand the challenges and needs of both IBM as a business and driver of social change.”

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