Using social media to promote your CSR project

Jan 26,2023

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Eye contact and focus on the subject will immediately resonate emotionally with your target audience

Five seconds. That’s the average amount of time you have to capture someone’s attention on social media. Five seconds is even less than the average attention span of a goldfish.

Social media usage is one of the world’s most popular online activities. According to Statista, “in 2020, over 3.6 billion people were using social media worldwide, a number projected to increase to almost 4.41 billion in 2025.” Given such staggering numbers, how can you make sure your company captures the attention of your target audience?

Communicating a company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities is a necessary part of any marketing strategy and using social media to promote your CSR project is essential for program and brand visibility. Making your company’s CSR project stand out on social media requires cycles of careful planning, quality content development, and effective data analysis.

Successful marketing comes from choosing the right person (audience), the right message, the right time, and also selecting the appropriate channels to deliver a campaign that resonates with your audience. It is also always a good idea to establish the objective of the message before sharing it with stakeholders, for example influencing customers through education to make the right decisions or creating communities that can act as agents of change. By clarifying the purpose, you will be in a good position to communicate on social media in a meaningful way.

It is also necessary to effectively communicate the success of CSR activities, which is why Kenan Foundation Asia uses its expertise and resources partnering with companies, governments, and multilateral organizations to communicate the impact of the programs we deliver.

Next, being visible on social media comes down to creating authentic high-quality content. In 1996, Bill Gates wrote a pioneering essay titled “Content is King,” a term which still reigns true today. In every industry or sector, the company with the best story to complement a successful product wins. Demonstrating the value of a CSR project is no exception. Many good CSR ideas do not progress because of ineffective storytelling. A powerful photo or the perfect social media caption can make a world of difference. The combination of an impactful project and a compelling story is the recipe for success.

Lastly, tracking readership is a great way to identify content topics; you will know who your content is resonating with and how this aligns with your target audiences. The good news is that the data is there, all social media networks and website analytics provide a wealth of data. Identifying the key insights from your data will allow you to make informed, strategic decisions.

Leveraging the use of social media content effectively will bring your company closer to being a recognized CSR leader by clearly demonstrating the impact of your program.

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