Congratulations to the selected YSEALI FuturePreneurs applicants!

Jan 26,2023


Out of an abundance of caution in response to the spread of COVID-19, the U.S. Embassy and the Kenan Foundation Asia have decided to postpone the upcoming FuturePreneurs Economic Empowerment Workshop to a future date expected to be later in 2020. The workshop and coaching program will no longer take place at the end of May and will be rescheduled for a later date. Please be assured that the safety and security of our participants is of utmost importance, and we are dedicated to the future success of the workshop.

Participants from 2017 YSEALI Generation: ECommunity! – Workshop on Economic Engagement in ASEAN

Participants will engage in learning and networking opportunities, increasing their knowledge, awareness, and connection with YSEALI. Throughout the Workshop, participants will learn new skills and apply them to solving real-life challenges.

Participants, with support from the coaches, will develop their own project ideas through pre-workshop and workshop activities and learn the skills necessary to accelerate change in their communities. The event will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 31 May – 5 June, 2020, with the coaching program preceding the workshop from 28-30 May. Congratulations to the selected applicants, we look forward to seeing you in May!

Thank you to all those who submitted an application to participate in the YSEALI Workshop FuturePreneurs, and congratulations to all the final participants and coaches who have been selected! If you are listed below, we will be in touch shortly with your confirmation.

Afiq Mohammed (Coach)
Fuad Hussain
Lim Jia En

Vongrathayuth Hingphith (Coach)
Kimla Nen
Thy Lineth
Darlin Nay
Songhour Chhuy

Nuuruzzaman As Sidiqi (Coach)
Awaludin Aryanto (Coach)
Whisnu Febry Afrianto
Hafizh Pristyono Kasyfurrahman
Belinda Azzahra Irwan Putri
Diogi Befa
Sepri Andi
Ghifari Yuristiadhi Masyhari Makhasi
Austin Fascal Iskandar
Faiq Imut Akhiroti
Muhammad Salman Al-Farisi
Sutami Suparmin
I Nyoman Muskoni

Houngthong Dalavong
Souphansa Souvannakhot

Noor Shahiwan Bin Ismail (Coach)
Kwon Chong Tan
Wei Ting Chin
Norshafika Azlin Mohd Hasli

Aung Myin Thu (Coach)
Wut Yee Kyi Pyar
Aye Nyein Chan Thu
Htet Hpone Myat Naing
May Thu
Kyaw Zarni Win
Aye Nyein Minn

Paul Andrew Orpiada (Coach)
Rhea Suzette Haguisan (Coach)
Don Christian Cornel
Jahra Midas Roxas
Camille Therese Hernan
Yassen Ala
Carmen Roceli Lopez
Eunice Jean Patron
Jason Occidental
Sarah Jane Fabito
Christian Marc Romay

Jin Quan Mark Cheng (Coach)
Rustam Shariq Mujtaba
Jared Yeo

Aushim Merchant (Coach)
Keingkham Supa
Natchaya Nararust
Chuanchalerm Kaweewat
Sirilak Sutichuay
Pimolporn Jintarith
Korkor Pisut
Saharat Laksanasut

Maria Rosa Lacerda De Araujo
Lúcio Franculin

Quan Nguyen Ha (Coach)
Hoang Nguyen
Ha Anh Nguyen Huy
Chinh Nguyen Luong
Huy Phan Hoàng Triệu
Lan Ngo
Thi Xuan Dieu Phan
Yen Trinh Thi Hai

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