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Empowering Nonprofits through Cutting-edge Technology

Jan 26,2023


Upgrading Nonprofits’ Technology to Foster Community Development

Microsoft’s Tech4Good program is an innovative approach that seeks to meet the technology needs of developing communities across the world, especially through the building of technology skills and provision of low-cost software for civil society organizations. Over the next three years, Microsoft will donate over one billion dollars in the form of high-impact software, including Office 365 and free cloud services to more than 70,000 nonprofits around the world. These donations will help nonprofits harness the power of technology for the public good.

Nonprofits tend to have tight budgets and lack the funds to afford the best technology in the market. Microsoft believes that acquiring such technology will enable nonprofits to make a far greater impact in their communities. In Thailand, Kenan is working with Microsoft to facilitate local efforts under the Tech4Good program and empower nonprofits through technology, Microsoft and Kenan will host three events in Thailand to raise awareness for the Tech4Good program.

As part of a November 2015 workshop under the Microsoft TechSperts project, a Kenan consultant explains the features of the Microsoft Surface to non-formal and informal education students interested in pursuing a career in technology sales.

Together, Microsoft and Kenan will hold a major Tech4Good event in Bangkok on 25 May 2016, where we will demonstrate to nonprofit executives the cutting-edge resources Microsoft has made available. Utilizing these resources can greatly improve nonprofits’ digital capacity and allow the organizations to better impact their communities. As the program facilitator, Kenan has recruited 100 leaders of nonprofit organizations throughout Thailand to attend. The event will be headlined by Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, who will speak about using cloud technology for the public good. Representatives from TechSoup, the branch of Microsoft that oversees the donation program, will also be on hand to describe the available resources and explain the registration process.

To ensure that Thai organizations are able to utilize these resources, Microsoft and Kenan will also host two follow-up events. The first will be a seminar that details the registration and licensing process to the nonprofits’ IT managers. Finally, there will be a webinar that allows nonprofit staff to ask questions to Kenan and Microsoft experts about how to maximize the use of these resources.

For Thai nonprofits, Microsoft will also offer cloud services and software at volume discounts. The donations give nonprofits access to the same technology as large corporations. By employing these technologies, organizations can reduce their costs substantially and manage their programming more efficiently. For example, cloud technology stores data on the internet, allowing organizations to curb the high costs associated with storing data on a local computer. Moreover, whether in the office or the field, SharePoint allows staff to have full access to an organization’s documents on any device.

Through powerful services like high definition video conferencing and OneDrive, Microsoft technology facilitates communication and collaboration within organizations. In fact, Kenan is not just a Microsoft partner, but also a recipient of software donations from Microsoft, including MS SharePoint and MS Office 365. Kenan is excited to continue its partnership with Microsoft through the Tech4Good program, and proud to be a part of building the capacity of local NGOs throughout Thailand.[:]

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