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Chevron joins forces with Kenan Foundation Asia launching “Caltex Fuel Your School” campaign with aim to create educational opportunity for 30 schools in the Northeastern part of Thailand

Jan 26,2023

Chevron (Thailand) Limited signed the Memorandum of Understanding to fund “Caltex Fuel Your School” CSR campaign with Kenan Foundation Asia with the aim to enhance the youth competency and broaden their educational opportunities through innovative project-based learning process related to health, safety and environment. The project effort will be focused on 30 disadvantaged schools in Khon Kaen, Udon Thani and Nong Khai.

“Caltex Fuel Your School” is a CSR campaign with emphasis on creating youth learning opportunity so as to help them cope with today’s dynamic and complex society through project-based learning model. This type of learning model will help to develop scientific thinking, systematic problem-based learning and communication skills for students while motivating them to relate subject knowledge in the area of health, safety and environment to the real world. During the first year, the project will target 600 7th and 8th grade students in 30 educational opportunity expansion schools in Khon Kaen, Udonthani and Nong Khai province from March to October 2014. Each school will select a teacher to act as “Project Advisor”. These teachers will be trained to guide the students to implement the exploratory projects whereas the group leaders will attend workshops and activities to develop their skills in topic exploration and investigation, data collection, critical thinking, project planning &management, teamwork and effective presentation. The group leaders will then select and train his team members to work on the project of their choice and submit for competition with a chance to win a scholarship and other prizes. During the project work process, these students will be advised and mentored by Caltex employees, retailers and recruited college students.

Salman Saadat, Country Chairman and General Manager Products, Chevron (Thailand) Limited, marketer of Caltex brand, said “One of Chevron’s goal is to be the neighbor of choice to the Thai society. We strive to create a better and sustainable community for Thailand. Partnering with Kenan Foundation Asia, a prominent non-profit social development organization with innovative education and youth development experience for over 10 years, in “Caltex Fuel Your School” initiative will help us understand and tailor a right solution to what the local community really need for tomorrow. Chevron will work closely with Kenan as well as encourage the participation of our employees and Caltex retailers in the campaign activities and help mentoring the students during their project development process. In addition, motorists will have a chance to support the school in the communities and their local students with their fuel purchase at Caltex service stations in the area.

According to Piyabutr Cholvijarn, Kenan’s president, “Student-centered educational management is critical to the children capabilities building and skill development so as to survive in the 21st century. The students today will be the country’s major force towards sustainable socio-economy and environmental development. Therefore, building a solid educational foundation will rely on the quality of knowledge, learning process and ability to relate subject knowledge to the daily life by providing the student with the opportunity to develop skills in creative thinking and execution, analytical problem solving in the subject of their interests through project based learning method. The project development and competition will integrate the community engagement, support from the teachers, college students and local volunteers. We believe that that this project-based learning “Caltex Fuel Your School” campaign will help enhance the capabilities and systematically expand the learning opportunity of 600 secondary school students from 30 schools upon the completion of the project at the end of 2014″.

Caltex Fuel Your School is part of Chevron’s global “Energy for Learning Initiative”, to support learning-based programs which create opportunities for individuals to acquire new knowledge, gain new skills or be exposed to different ways of thinking. Together with Kenan, we will closely implement, follow-up, evaluate and improve the campaign to ensure the right solutions to sustainably enhance the youth competencies in the selected local communities.

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