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Hospitality workers bangkok

The project will build the 21st century, workplace, and financial life skills of 50 low-income youth (18-24 years old) to help them gain quality employment and achieve long-term financial mobility. In addition to training, the project includes an internship component that will enable participants to acquire valuable workplace experience within the hospitality sector.

Kenan and the Department of Skill Development (DSD), Ministry of Labour, will provide the youth with the knowledge and skills needed to enter the high-end hospitality sector. Kenan will deliver training on 21st century work skills, such as communication, teamwork, and critical thinking, as well as antisexual harassment awareness, English language skills, and financial literacy, while DSD will provide training on housekeeping and food and beverage services (depending on the track participants choose). In addition, the project will partner with four and five-star hotels that will provide paid internships (with potential for full-time employment) to participants.

The project is funded by Citi Foundation. Of the 50 participants, Kenan expects at least 40 to gain full-time employment within the sector.

Hospitality workers bangkok


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