Pfizer Healthy Aging Society: Promoting Physical and Mental Well-being and Financial Security for a Quality Aging Society

At the Forum, the Pfizer Thailand Foundation and Kenan Foundation Asia shared the results of the Pfizer Healthy Aging Society project. The project helped seniors and pre-seniors (individuals 45 years and older) in Bangkok and Ubon Ratchathani change their behaviors to achieve quality aging. Following the project, more than 90% of participants reported that their physical fitness and mental well-being had improved. Moreover, the project reduced the risk factors for non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and empowered Change Agents, who launched 27 small-scale projects to promote healthy behavior among seniors, in more than 40 communities.

Through the project, Kenan worked with the government and national policymakers to guide policy changes at the national level. Successful multi-sector collaboration resulted in enhanced capacity and awareness of what good health means across the target communities. By promoting lifelong learning, the next generation in the target communities has the tools needed to seek out knowledge about healthy aging. As a result of changing the environment and facilitating behavior change, a preventative and alternative holistic healthcare approach was established for pre-seniors and seniors, which will help community members achieve quality aging and contribute to the creation of a sustainable society.


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