Kids learning inspiration in successful education with creative imagination for back to school concept and STEM science technology engineering maths

The very nature of jobs and work is changing rapidly, and our education systems need to adapt, or else an entire generation will be left unprepared for the 21st century economy. To thrive in the modern world, today’s students must develop “smart” skills like critical thinking, creativity and collaboration, which are the building blocks of innovation and essential to modern work.

With the advancements in technology and computing power, the rote memorization-based learning methods still put forward in many classrooms are insufficient to prepare students for high-value careers. Kenan knows there is a better way to develop students, and we’re at the forefront of bringing the best international, high-impact teaching practices to Thailand and the region.

Our programming elevates teachers’ ability to deliver hands-on, real-world learning that brings science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) content to life, resulting in students who have the “smart” skills, STEM knowledge, and inspiration to pursue their dreams.

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