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What People are Saying about Kenan

H.E. Anand Panyarachun
Today, most of the programs and activities conducted by Kenan Institute Asia are devoted, perhaps not entirely, but mainly, to empowering people with the knowledge, technology and skills critical for a sustainable future…I am pleased that my hope for Kenan to work in direct partnerships with people in need, as a people to people organization, is being realized.
Wanimon Chamuntod
I learned how to make an invention that I had never done in class. When our egg tower invention collapsed, we helped each other to look for a solution and we soon discovered how to make a stronger base. Finally we could make it. We were very proud and really had fun working with friends.
Ms. Bui Thi Boi
Kenan helped me pursue my passion to help rural, marginalized women improve their livelihoods.
Dr. Soranit Siltharm
This project is a very good example of how to educate and inspire kids to consider their careers, especially STEM careers which can benefit the country.
Mr. Napat Tantanapon
It was an excellent workshop, instead of thinking about selling at lower prices, we learned how to use digital channels to reach new, promising markets. This really matched our needs.
Dr. Suthep Chittayawong
I had a chance to see STEM education in the north recently. They trained the science teachers at the school related to STEM and the teachers returned to teach their students. In the classroom, kids changed their behaviors and it impressed me.