Kenan Institute Asia is a non-profit organization working in partnership with companies, governments, academia, and committed individuals to empower people with the knowledge, technology, and skills necessary for a sustainable future. From our headquarters in Bangkok, we have been improving the circumstances of people across Southeast Asia, with a focus on Thailand and Vietnam, for over 20 years, helping them to thrive in the global economy, while leading happier lives. Today, Kenan is tackling five urgent development challenges: delivering 21st-century education, building lasting communities, supporting financial freedom, enhancing small business competitiveness, and promoting healthy behavior.

What we do


how our vision and values drive our actions.


how we tackle key challenges facing the region.


about the many people empowered by our work.


with us to co-create impactful projects that address key development goals.

What our beneficiaries say

Ms. Huyen
Now I am confident at using problem tree analysis to help women explore the root of their problems.
Thunyaphat Tangthanyawong
The training course taught me how to create a business plan around my vision and mission.
Ms. Wilailuck Pinkaew
The significant improvement of my students proves that STEM is crucial to Thai education.