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  • Company Name: Chevron
  • Project Start: June 2015
  • Project End: Present

Chevron Sustainable Tourism in Mainland Surat Thani Communities

Chevron Sustainable Tourism in Mainland Surat Thani Communities

Tourism continues to play an important role in Thailand’s economic development, contributing around 10% of its GDP, and employing 6% of the workforce. With a low entry barrier, tourism represents an opportunity to spur economic growth. To support the country’s sustainable development in this sector, Kenan aims to improve the competitiveness of its tourist destinations.

Working towards this goal and furthering employment opportunities in mainland Surat Thani province, Kenan and Chevron partnered to enhance the capacity of 10 community-based tourism (CBT) groups. The project activities focus on developing their tourism assets and improving marketing, pricing, and business management. Kenan’s objective is to advance the local economic capacity of coastal mainland Surat Thani by growing its tourism industry, which is one of the best sectors for providing income and employment opportunities to local community members, in a sustainable manner that protects the environment and local culture.