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Jan 24, 2017

What Would Happen in the Event of a Zombie Apocalypse? Featured

Following the revelation in the University of Leicester's “Journal of Physics Special Topics” that a zombie apocalypse would reduce Earth's population to only 273 people in the space of 100 days, Kenan asks, what hope is there for the human race?

The world’s population is currently estimated at 7.4 billion by the Population Reference Bureau. To put this in perspective, the below table illustrates epidemics with the highest death tolls to date. It doesn’t look very promising.

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    Zombie table



 But wait, there is still hope. The crucial piece of the research highlighted that a zombie infection would be more likely to spread if prevention measures were not taken or if there were no emergency plans in place. The key to eradicating infectious diseases forms around three philosophies. Principally early detection, being  on the lookout for any zombie-like symptoms in your community, secondly a rapid response in mobilizing people, equipment and other resources and finally any anti-zombie measures would need to be highly coordinated to be effective.


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