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Trappist 1

"Nearby" Dwarf Star and its seven earth-like planets by the number. Read about the NASA project.

Secondary student puts the King’s Sufficiency Economy Philosophy into action to develop her community

Miss Duangrudee Wongthanu, or “Aim,” is a grade 11 student and leader of the Chik Kala Team at Kanthararom School, Kanthararom District, Si Sa Ket province. Aim and her team were encouraged by their school to participate in the Krungthai Tonkla Project 2016. Aim comes from Kanthararom District, one of the poorest areas of Thailand.

Fostering Change in Vietnam Women’s Union

When Ms. Huyen, Chairwoman of Thong Nhat Commune Women’s Union, first became involved in the WILL project two years ago, she was unable to involve her commune in the meetings. She talked most of the time, with minimal community interaction and she had come to a point where she did not know how to change it. Passionate about improving their situation, she wanted to find a more effective way to connect with the local women. Looking back with hindsight, she now realizes it was the methods that were at fault.

Tackling the challenges of Thailand's aging population

“Thailand’s population is rapidly aging and will have a huge impact on all of us.” said Siriwan Aruntippaitune, Expert on the Elderly at Thailand’s Department of Older Persons (DOP), “Many entities, including the media are frequently raising this topic to the public, however, most of us, especially the working age population, are unaware of the various challenges we are going to face very soon” she continued.

Marking International Women's Day 2017

Join us in celebrating International Women's Day, by sharing our Unsung Women in STEM whose work empowered people with knowledge, technology and skills.

Using Youth Leadership Development to Solve Community Problems

When Nung Ning of Wat Bang Khu Wat School first became involved in the Thaibev Leadership for a Better Quality of Life project, she was a little apprehensive. At the time of joining the program, just two years ago, she said, “I admit that I am not confident in front of a crowd of people. It is very difficult for me.”

Kenan Praises Partners for Supporting Record Impact Year

Led by Chairperson Khunying Jada Wattanasiritham, Kenan Institute Asia held its annual reception to show its gratitude to donors and partners who helped the Institute deliver impactful and sustainable programming to nearly 290,000 beneficiaries during 2016. Prominent leaders and executives from Thailand's public and private sectors as well as bilateral and multilateral agencies attended the event at the Renaissance Bangkok.

Developing Community Tourism is a Journey

Thanakan Kaewpan has been a member of the Leeled Community-based Tourism for Conservation Club for 13 years. The group is led by the dedicated sub-district chief, Chanjukorn, and is made up of a small number of helpers from the local villages. Now 27 years old, Thanakan had previously been helping the group by welcoming visitors and running errands, while his friends have also dedicated their time to the community’s tourism sector, without payment, out of sheer determination to help their community.

Top Five: Science Myths

Most people today know that the world is round and that earth revolves around the sun, and yet many pseudo-scientific “facts” remain fixtures in society. To set the record straight, we have compiled a list of the top five widely held scientific myths.

Watch the video of a Boeing-TEL student and his grass frog catcher

One of the key roles of education is to capacitate students with the necessary knowledge to apply it to address real-world problems. This is highly relevant in a country like Thailand, where education has historically not prioritized critical thinking and problem-solving skills.